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Richest actress of Bollywood

Bollywood, the world of actors, movies and music needs no introduction. Bollywood is all about entertainment and the vice versa in India. Every actor has been through a struggling phase in their own journey accompanied with lots of compromises and sacrifices that were worth doing and that led them to the position they are in […]

Best Sitcoms of All Time

Sitcom’s, being the oldest genres of television is still the best way to a break a break from a hectic life and also reducing the stress. Below mentioned are the 10 best sitcoms of all time that you can start watching now to bring in fun aspect in your life. Will & Grace Launched in […]

Best actors in India

The success of a movie thoroughly depends upon the movie script and the actors. A movie script should involve strong dialogues, characters and well-balanced structure and the actors should have a prominent creativity and dialogue delivering skills. The actors should get into the role of the character completely to deliver their best to the audience. […]

How to write a song?

Learning has no end and no age. Not everyone are blessed with a talent that got an exposure at a early age, many has to struggle to find out who they are and what they want from life. Your passion can become your career which can help you climb the success steps. Have a great […]

Best Music Videos of 2019

2019, has been the year of music videos. Music videos has been spread like a fire all across the globe on a wider range be it through television or social media platforms. Featuring world class artists, music videos gained immense popularity. To know about the best music videos that ruled 2019 have a look below; […]

Best apps for android Tv

Android Tv has been trending from past recent years. The launch of android TV grabbed huge attention has now the viewers can entertain themselves on a larger scale apart from the same serial drama and movies. Through android Tv the viewers now have the freedom to access various apps that are available for android TV’s […]

Best Guitars for beginners in India

Guitar is one of those musical instruments which can make you fall in love with itself. Once you become friends with guitar, you will start loving your life more as it brings in a musical charm wherein you can start expressing your emotions and feelings through it. If you are new to guitar, then you […]

Highest Paid Actors in India

Well, it has now been a habit or what do we say a custom to spend at least one day in a week to watch a movie. It is always best to have a good work-life balance. There are a few people who are biased when it comes to the movie based on language, actors, […]

Best Slow Down Music Apps (android/iPhone) 2019

Do you like to learn new songs and techniques? Do you ever wish that the music could be played a little slower so that you can easily learn music? Here we brings you Best slow down music apps Android/ iPhone 2019 which will slow down the speed of the audio file. 1. Music Speed changer Android […]