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Learning has no end and no age. Not everyone are blessed with a talent that got an exposure at a early age, many has to struggle to find out who they are and what they want from life. Your passion can become your career which can help you climb the success steps. Have a great flexibility? then think of becoming a dancer. Have a great voice? Then push yourself towards music but not sure about how to make songs using which you can approach to the music publishers or record it for yourself as an artist? Follow up with the below mentioned steps that can help you start writing your songs;

Begin with the title

As you know, first impression is the last impression and here the title of your song will be your first impression so think twice before naming your song as you will be further judged based on the title. Go with a 1-6-word phrase that demonstrates emotions or situations, such titles would help you win the heart of the music publishers as well as the listeners.

Decide the structure of the song

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Song structure plays a vital role in delivering a great piece of music. Adding a pre-chorus or lift in between the chorus and verse would be great as it helps the listeners to recognize the music has all of it will have an equal well-balanced melody.

Identify the melody

Choose one or two phrases from the song structure and focus on those phrases by also adding emotions to those lines. Keep a track of the rhythm as well as the melody of the speech and continue working on it until and unless you feel that it will be comfortable to the listeners.

Work on the first verse lyrics

Ensure that your first verse of the song attracts the listeners as it is highly responsible to continue listening to your music. The first line could be of any format be it a question, statement or a situation. Go slow with your song, ensure that your song is interconnected with each line.

Record the song

Practice till you are comfortable with each part of your song and once it’s done, record your song on your smartphone, listen to it once you are done recording. A basic musical instrument along with your song would be highly effective while recording. Feel your song and then start singing it with complete emotions.

Hope now you have got a clear picture on how to make songs. Start working on it at the earliest while focusing on your dream. To know more, stay connected to us. Thank you for reading.

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